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Quotes I always had a lifelong dream of horseback riding and owning my own horse. At Henning Stables, I started riding and leasing one of their awesome horses and now I am a proud horse owner of my dream horse! None of this could have been possible without the wonderful guidance of Joan and Jim Henning. They helped me prepare to be a horse owner and gave me advice through each step of the purchasing process. I enjoy lessoning with Joanie and I know that I will have a constructive ride every time. I also can't say enough about the care Jim has for the horses he is training. He not only works with the horse, but also takes the time to work with the owner to make sure they can understand the horse and be successful on their own. Big things are happening at this barn and I am excited for the future of Henning Stables! Come join the Henning Stables family and experience horses in a beautiful setting! Quotes
Adrienne Gibson
Started as a weekly lesson student and now a horse owner!

Quotes Henning Stables is a wonderful place to lesson, board or lease. After riding at several different horse farms around Michigan, I will not move again! Joanie and Jim Henning take such wonderful care of each and every horse that they either own or board. I have been a very active student of Joan's for the past 6 years. As a former high school teacher, she takes her passions for education into the arena. Her lessons are hand crafted and extremely well-thought out. She carefully chooses a route for each of her students and knows that all of us are not created equal. Her lessons are perfectly tailored to each individual rider. Joanie and Jim have a wonderful selection of lesson horses. You will learn how to ride and interact with horses correctly at this facility. Henning Stables is also a very friendly environment! The grounds are a sight to see. This place is like home. Quotes
Home is Where Your Horse is

Quotes I have boarded my horse at Henning Stables for about a year and a half now and I have loved every second of it. I was welcomed with warmth when I first arrived and was made to feel like a family member right away. The facility has a gorgeous indoor arena and also an outdoor arena during the summer. There is also beautiful fields and woods to trail ride on, including a little pond that is safe to take your horse swimming in! Joanie and Jim also are very observant and careful with their boarders; they won't hesitate to call you or the vet if they see anything out of the ordinary for your horse. I have taken many lessons from Joanie and she is an incredibly instructor. She is creative, supportive, and always has an answer to your questions and concerns. Joanie also goes to Dressage shows in the summer, and I got to go with her to a couple last summer! Overall, I can't imagine a better place to board at or to take lessons. This place is fantastic and I never want to leave. Quotes
Laura Dionne
Lucky Boarder and Inspired Riding Student

Quotes Hi Joan: So much enjoyed chatting with you at the E.Lansing Stallion show, and Oh, Drifter .....So gorgeous! I am amazed about everything I have read about the curlies, they are truely ....the horse of all horses. I have a Ky,Mtn.Saddle Golden Buckskin now, looking forward to the day I can have a guy like Drifter also. Thanks again. Pastor Bob, Oxford,MI. Quotes
American Bashkir Curly Stallion

Quotes I visited Hennings back when the arena was being built. I was boarding my Peruvian in Mecosta and due to unforeseen circumstances I had to move him on a snowy December day. Jim and Joanie took us in and I will never forget their kindness. We spent the winter there and then I found a place closer to home. Last year my new horse and I returned to Hennings for the spring tuneup weekly class. I also boarded him there for training of him and me for a couple of months. We worked hard and learned a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend the facility to anyone, from boarding to lessons. Quotes
Debby Anthony
Long time trail rider

Quotes Although I do not board at Henning Stables, I have taken multiple riding lessons, trail rides and have helped out on the farm from time to time. It's such an amazing experience riding with Jim and Joan. Riding horses has always been a passion of mine and to experience it with such amazing people at a great property just put the icing on the cake. Come on by Henning Stables and see what all the fuss is about! You won't be disappointed. Quotes

Quotes I just recently purchased my first horse, a Bashkir Curly. She is a fifteen year old brood mare, who needed some TLC. Jim worked with her for a month or so, and in that short period of time, she has become a well behaved, reliable horse. I am very pleased with the results! If you are in need of a place to board your horse, or if your horse needs training, this is the place to go! Also, if you are a new rider, like myself, I would highly recommend that you take lessons from Joanie. She will teach you how to properly ride your horse, which will provide you with the confidence that you and your horse need. Quotes
Carolyn Howard
Thrilled Beyond Words

Quotes Monday, April 12, 2010 JRN 320: Audio Slideshow posted by Paige Calamari at 12:43 PM Paige, You did a wonderful job capturing the Henning's horse farm. The pictures, along with the audio, truly allows the viewer to see a true team at work. I work with Joan at Carson City High School and do agree with you when you use the term 'master' biology teacher. She is a wonderful asset to our school district. All that she does between her horses, her children, and her career often makes me wonder how she handles it all in the efficient and wonderful way that she does. Thank you for doing the piece which will allow other people to see a bit of the Henning's and their wonderful family. Sincerely, Heather Lehman-Genson Quotes
Heather Genson

Quotes If you want individualized care for your horse this is the place to be! I've been a horse owner for nine years now and because I've moved a lot recently, my horse has been at quite a few barns. Between the five boarding facilities that we've been at this is by far the place where I've felt most comfortable having him. Joanie and Jim really care about their boarding horses just as if they were their own! In the summer Joanie fly sprays the horses daily and in the winter she does blanketing when you can't get out to do it yourself. Horses are looked over multiple times a day so it's OK to relax if you can't get out as often as you'd like. Also the rolling hills and hardwood forests on the property are a dream to ride in! Can't say enough good things about this place! Quotes
Very friendly place!

Quotes Jim and Joanie Henning taught me so much in the year and a half I boarded Mack, my American Cream draft. We took Mack from completely green, to a reliable trail partner in less than a month. I had no previous knowledge of horse training, so thy helped me through every step of the way. Within a few short months, Mack and I were riding alone back on the trails through the beautiful hardwoods, around winding roads with ponds and streams, and to the local park, which is horse friendly. By the end of my first year, Mack and I were taking riding lessons, and learning to do jumps and basic dressage. There is one lesson I learned from the Hennings that will stick with me forever, we do not train horses to listen to us, we train ourselves to listen to the horses. They have a respect for their horses and others. I will forever be thankful for the time I had with Mack and the Henning's. Quotes
Jonathan Lambright
Enriched and Enlightened Rider