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    WWW One Curly Drifter - American  Curly Stallion



Very Rare


Foxtrot Gait



Homozygous for gait gene!

Gentle temperament






3 YO photo

WWW One Curly Drifter, b. May 26, 2005, is a double registered (ABCR and ICHO) 16 HH, sorrel American Bashkir Curly stallion.  He is curly year round, not losing his curl during spring shedding.  He has a very full double mane and thick tail which does not shed out. He has curly eyelashes and, like every Curly horse, has curls in his ears.  He has excellent conformation and very hard, well built hooves, ready for the trail or arena without the need of shoes.  One Curly Drifter's multigaitedness includes a running walk, foxtrot and rack.  He is a joy to ride, or what I like to say, a joy to fly!   Curlies have a high red blood cell count, giving them great endurance and stamina.   Visitors are very welcome to our farm to meet this gorgeous stallion.  One Curly Drifter is available to stand as stud this breeding season, limited number of breedings, please feel free to call or email us. 

 Winter curls and long dreadlocks ~WWW One Curly Drifter - Curly Stallion

Jim Henning and WWW One Curly Drifter at MSU Stallion Expo 2010